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Wedding Table Set
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We pride ourselves on making your vision a reality by providing customized, elegant designs that fit your individual style, guaranteed to leave your guests in awe.

Tell Us About Your Special Event

Beka Montalvo

I have to say I'm speechless with the decorations the details. My wedding planner made it happen Valerie Slayton-Rivas with Royale Classy Creations thank you for making it the cutest, best wedding a girl could ask for.

Antoinette Stewart

0MG!! U all are a lifesaver!! I didn't know how I could be at two places at once!! Bless you and your business for being so compassionate and understanding!! Thank you in advance and have a wonderful day!! 

Reesco Tew

I had a vision and Valerie Slayton-Rivas surpasses it yet again, thank you Royale Classy Creations for your hard work and dedication! This is the second event of mines you've done and I appreciate you so much! 

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