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Full Course Training 

(In - Person)

This signature program is sure to be useful to anyone who is just getting started, slightly curious, or further along on their career track! You will learn a plucker of information including how to build your inventory with little or no money and even how to establish services and create pricing packages. Spaces feel up quick so be sure to grab your seat. Due to COVID, seats are limited!

Please note:  This is a hands-on course.  Materials are provided for each person, each day.  Due to COVID, lunch is not provided at this time.  Masks must be worn at all times.  If you present any symptoms, you may not enter.  RCC Academy will follow all safety guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID 19.

Day 1 - Morning:

  • How to choose a business name and obtain a license

  • How to build your inventory with little or no money

  • How to establish services and create pricing packages

  • How to generate a contract

  • How to hold a consultation with your client

  • Where to purchase your inventory {comprehensive list}

  • How to brand your business

  • How to get paid

  • How to excel in event planning

  • Q&A

  ***Lunch is provided***



Day 1 - Afternoon


  • How to create centerpieces {hands on exercise}

  • How to build basic backdrops {hands on exercise}

  • How to organize for a “real life” event

  • Official event prep


Day 2 - Event Day (Simulation of a real event/Real Event)

  • Installation for a “real event”

  • Official Photos with a professional photographer 

  • Role Assignments

  • How to Have a Swift and Successful Breakdown 

  • Wrap Up; Departure

      ***Lunch is provided***



Day 2 - Afternoon (Optional $$$)

  • Balloon Install {hands on exercise}

Next Available Date: August 25-27, 2022

Investment Amount: 


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