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"When it comes to the planning and execution of your event, Royale Classy Creations has you covered"

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Meet Valerie Rivas, the Founder and Master Coordinator for Royale Classy Creations.  Before branching out, she received her certification from IWED for event planning, design, and management.

Her passion for taking the ordinary and transforming it into something amazingly extraordinary fuels her in her position, and with her love for making all things beautiful, Royale Classy Creations was birthed.

Royale Classy Creations provides full décor/planning/ coordinating services for all social events with a specialty in weddings.

It was evident growing up that Valerie wanted to create beauty in everything she did.  Even as a child, she would decorate her own room and birthdays.  She would even go as far as creating events to design them.  She later began decorating for family and friends’ events.

Valerie does not keep her gift of creating all to herself, she shares that gift through the DIY Workshops and Courses that she has created.

When Valerie is not transforming event spaces, she is enjoying quality time with family.


Beka Montalvo

I have to say I'm speechless with the decorations the details. My wedding planner made it happen Valerie Slayton-Rivas with Royale Classy Creations thank you for making it the cutest, best wedding a girl could ask for.

Antoinette Stewart

0MG!! U all are a lifesaver!! I didn't know how I could be at two places at once!! Bless you and your business for being so compassionate and understanding!! Thank you in advance and have a wonderful day!! 

Reesco Tew

I had a vision and Valerie Slayton-Rivas surpasses it yet again, thank you Royale Classy Creations for your hard work and dedication! This is the second event of mines you've done and I appreciate you so much! 

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